Eliminating the Risk of a Pet Poisoning All Year Long

dog begging for foodSpring brings a sense of regeneration, renewal, and optimism for the future. While you may be preparing to till the soil, clean out the garage, and tear through that Honey-Do List, allow  us to renew the concept of preventing a pet poisoning this spring.

The calendar month of March is on board; in fact, March 20-26 is marked Pet Poison Prevention Week. Your pet’s natural curiosity can place him or her in harm’s way – but your team at Prairie Ridge Veterinary Clinic have the following tips and tricks so your pet can enjoy nature’s splendor for all the months of the year. Continue…

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Summer Pet Safety Checklist

A pair of puppies licking an ice cream coneFor many pet parents, celebrating summer without our four-legged friends is out of the question. However, dehydration, heatstroke, and a slew of other complications can quickly turn summer fun into a summer emergency for our pets if we aren’t careful.

Take a moment to bone up on summer pet safety, and what to do if things take an unexpected turn for the worse. Continue…

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Creating A Pet-Safe Yard and Garden

A dog laying in a grassy fieldCreating A Pet-Safe Yard and Garden Mason county is a wonderful community and, in our collective hearts, we share a fondness for roadside markets boasting all manner locally grown goodies! This appreciation for planting food and flowers translates often translates into our own backyards. However, your pet can be inadvertently placed in harm’s way if certain safety precautions are not considered prior to planting. To best protect your four-legged friend this spring and summer, we have the following ideas for planting a pet-safe yard and garden. Continue…

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