Tips for a Safe Thanksgiving

Big shepherd dog stealing from table in the kitchen

The mouth-watering smells of turkey, stuffing, and pumpkin pie slowly wafting through the house this Thanksgiving is enough to drive you (and your pets) crazy! However, with delicious human food comes serious risk for your pets. Prairie Ridge Veterinary Clinic is here to provide owners with some Thanksgiving Pet Safety Tips to pet-proof your home this holiday season and keep your furr-amily safe from hazardous foods. Continue…

A Cornucopia of Thanksgiving Pet Safety Tips

A dog licking its lips about a hamhockThanksgiving is one of our favorite holidays and we would like to take a moment to extend our gratitude to our community of pets and their owners. We are honored to serve you throughout the year and hope your family enjoys all the special moments unfolding this fall.

As we all prepare for the feast and busy holiday weekend ahead, we recommend taking a moment to assess the things that could stand in the way of your pet’s ongoing safety and happiness. You know your pet the best, and considering all of his or her needs will contribute to the overall success of your holiday.

Holiday pet safety is a top concern for pet owners and establishing a safe scene for your pet now will keep those little whiskers or wagging tails keep coming back for more. Continue…