Keeping Havana Area Pets Healthy & Strong

Pet Wellness Care

Regular animal wellness exams help ensure the health of your family pet. Prairie Ridge Veterinary Clinic knows every pet has different medical needs, from large animals to puppies and kittens and senior pets. We take the time to meet with all of our clients to get to know them, their animals, and their families in order to create a customized animal health plan to meet their unique needs.

Wellness Exam

For most pets, an annual pet wellness exam is sufficient. Prior to your appointment, we ask that you complete our Welcome to Prairie Ridge Veterinary Clinic or Welcome Back to Prairie Ridge Veterinary Clinic Patient Form to assist in your appointment. During your visit, Dr. Rod will meet with you to learn about any health care concerns you may have before examining your pet to ensure overall good general health. A dental exam will be completed to check for excessive tartar buildup or other signs of periodontal disease, and vaccinations will be reviewed with any boosters that are needed given at this time.

You having a complete understanding of your pet’s health care needs is a top priority of Prairie Ridge Veterinary Clinic, and you are encouraged to ask any questions you might have during the veterinarian’s exam. At the end of the appointment, you will be given your pet’s “health report card,” a detailed, written report of any medical findings and recommendations, to take home with you.

Complete Pet Wellness Care Packages

You can also save on your companion’s vital wellness care by taking advantage of our Complete Care Value Packages. These comprehensive programs of care are specially designed to meet your cat or dog’s basic wellness needs, wherever they are in life:

While we strive to meet all your pet medical needs, there may be times that your pet requires the care of a specialist. If this is the case, we will assist you in any way possible, including a referral to a qualified veterinarian at the University of Illinois College of Veterinary Medicine.

Just like us, pets require a little extra attention when they are babies and as they age.

Contact us today to schedule your pet’s next wellness appointment.

“Dr. Yetter’s professional & compassionate care enabled us to have Lady as a member of our family for over 17 years. Through his knowledge, extensive research, and willingness to reach out, he provided Lady with a long quality life in spite of numerous health issues. We are eternally grateful.”

— Diane & Terry Svob

“Dr. Yetter and the staff at Prairie Ridge have given excellent care to my family of pets for about 20 years. I always feel comfortable asking questions and knowing I will get complete, caring answers. Dr. Yetter researches to find the best treatment options. My cats and dog are family to me, and we trust Prairie Ridge Veterinary Clinic.”

—Janis Blout

“We are so grateful for the hard work and extra research Dr. Yetter did for our Tansy-cat to find out why she wasn’t eating. If there is a time when your most precious friend is ill and you need to trust someone to care for them, Dr. Yetter is definitely that person! He went above and beyond to do everything he could to save our beautiful Tansy.”

— Tom & Bev Berberett

“My pets have been patients of Dr. Yetter and his great staff for many years, and I have always been grateful for their efficiency and helpfulness. Having good care right here in Havana is a big plus!”

— Jan McFarlin

“I began to bring in my labs into PRVC when I started working there, and was happy to have such a caring and knowledgeable doctor to take care of two of my best friends. It always amazes me just how much care goes into each and every animal, let alone the perseverance of Dr. Yetter and staff (I should call them family) in working out how to treat each and every problem.”

— Chris Johnson