Senior Pet Wellness: Good Health in the Golden Years

Pug dogAlthough it’s a commonly held belief, aging does not equate to illness or disease. In fact, pets who receive a nutritious diet, regular exercise, and consistent veterinary care often spend their golden years in optimal health. That’s why the team at Prairie Ridge Veterinary Clinic prioritizes senior pet wellness.

Our approach encompasses all factors that contribute to health and wellbeing. This includes physical examinations, diagnostic screenings, and the quality of daily pet care.

A Case for Senior Pet Wellness

One of the reasons senior pet wellness is so important is because it’s specific to this life stage. Senior or geriatric pets are at an increased risk for certain diseases, such as cancer and diabetes. These and other conditions need to be addressed early on in order to have a successful chance at treatment.

Most seniors also deal with mobility issues, including arthritis, hip/elbow dysplasia, and other degenerative joint conditions. If left untreated, quality of life can be greatly diminished.  

By providing more frequent exams and screenings for pets over the age of 6, we are better able to treat or slow the progression of common age-related conditions. We can also recommend the correct diet and supplemental supports for seniors who struggle with obesity or nutritional deficiencies.

At Prairie Ridge Veterinary Clinic, we provide our older patients with the highest level of care. Our Senior Prime Time Wellness Package is tailored to the health, energy, and lifestyle needs of your senior four-legged friend. Please call us to learn more.

Keeping Your Senior Pet Healthy

There are also many things you can do at home to support senior pet wellness. Your pet can be more comfortable when certain daily care modifications are made, such as:

  • If your pet suffers from arthritis or other joint conditions, consider purchasing an orthopedic bed, which will add comfort and support.
  • Maintain your pet’s recommended diet. Seniors often benefit from special formulas that address both aging and specific health issues.
  • Help your pet stay at a healthy weight by following meal portion guidelines, and avoid indulging him or her with too many treats.
  • Keep your senior pet moving with exercise that’s appropriate to his or her age and health (consider a low-impact walk or a supervised swim).
  • Many serious health issues arise as a result of dental disease. Practice good dental hygiene by brushing your pet’s teeth regularly and maintaining biannual wellness appointments.

To keep your furry pal young at heart and full of health and energy, make senior pet wellness a priority. Please contact us to learn more or to schedule an appointment.