Getting to Know Prairie Ridge Veterinary Clinic

A puppy walking on pavementAs the summer winds down and we begin to gear up for a busy autumn, we thought we would take a moment to highlight some of our offerings. You may be familiar with our practice at Prairie Ridge Veterinary Clinic, or maybe you’re seeking a clinic for your best friend. In either case, we’d like you to get to know us better!

The Family Doctor for Your Best Friend

When you think of your own family doctor, you might often think of qualities like trustworthiness, skill, and friendliness. As with your relationship with your physician, we also believe the relationship between pet owner, pet, and veterinary team should be rooted in trust, skill, and friendliness.

Some of the ways we seek to reflect these qualities are exemplified through the services we offer and dedication to quality care.

Longevity and consistency – We have been in business for more than 32 years as a single doctor practice. This allows you to get to know Dr. Rodney Yetter and develop confidence and trust in his expertise, approach, and love for the pets under his care.

Client empowerment – We firmly believe that the more information you receive when it comes to the care of your family member pet, the more empowered you will feel, which in turn leads to a better quality of life for your best friend. We allow for additional time during each appointment to answer your questions and provide customized wellness recommendations for your best friend.

Thoroughness and transparency – Our wellness exams encompass a nose-to-tail physical examination and baseline testing. During the exam, we verbalize our procedure and indicate any noticeable differences or changes along with recommendations to address these. We provide you with an annual report card, detailing your pet’s current health status, as well as a follow up call on any medical treatment required and after any surgical procedure.

Faster lab results – For a more expedient diagnosis, we have our own in-house lab, which means we are able to do most of the common lab tests right in our clinic. This provides faster collection of diagnostic information and a speedier diagnosis, and timelier monitoring of cases.

Focused surgical care – We offer pre-surgical laboratory testing of pet patients, provide a continuous EKG monitoring of patients during surgery, use gas inhalation anesthesia, and have a vet technician on hand to monitor the pet’s condition both during and after the surgical procedure. This greatly increases the safety of the surgery and your pet’s comfort.

After the procedure, we provide a written discharge form and discharge appointment with Dr. Rod so you are assured of your pet’s readiness to return home.

Welcoming environment – We strive to make our pet families as comfortable as possible when they walk in the door. Our focus is on maintaining a friendly, small town feeling to our clinic but with the modern amenities, equipment, and service capabilities of a large clinic.

Come for a Tour of Prairie Ridge

To our current pet families, thank you for continuing to entrust your best friends to our care. We value you and hope to continue providing quality care to your pets for years to come.

If you are seeking a veterinary clinic, we hope this overview has given you a little more insight into our practice. We welcome you to get to know us by scheduling a tour or a wellness appointment for your pet.

Thank you!