That Unscratchable Itch: Atopy in Pets

feral dog scratchingItchy pets are not an uncommon sight in the veterinary hospital, and this time of year Prairie Ridge Veterinary Clinic is fully of them. There are many reasons a pet might be suffering from itchy skin, however atopic dermatitis is one of the most common dermatologic problems that we see. Learn all about atopy in pets and what can be done to get your furry family friend comfortable again.

Understanding Atopy in Pets

Atopic dermatitis is a genetic predisposition to developing a sensitivity to environmental allergens like dust, mold, grasses, and pollens. It develops due to a defect in the protective barrier of the skin, allowing these types of particles to gain access to the immune system, stimulating the body to develop sensitivity. Histamines are released (the same compounds that cause a reaction to a mosquito bite), and the whole itching and inflammation cycle begins.   Continue…